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The following article first appeared in The Echo of Cantley Volume 27 no 1, July 2015. This article is made available for the enjoyment of others with the express permission of the Echo of Cantley.

"Up the Gatineau!" volume 41 - Cantley edition

Volume 41 of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (GVHS) annual publication "Up the Gatineau!" is a special edition this year featuring ten original stories entirely about Cantley history. Topics include early pioneer and farm life as revealed in family diaries and notebooks, a story of the lost farm of Pleasant Valley, Cantley's famous sculpted rocks, discovering the Haycock Mine, Cantley's tugboat and logging heritage, one man's electric powerhouse on Blackburn Creek, Cantley's "Castle" - the William Connor Estate, Malak Karsh's cottage life in Cantley.

Congratulations to the authors who have spent the past year researching, writing, editing and collecting photos. Their unique stories not only enable Cantley residents to discover their community's rich past but they also give regional significance and prominence to Cantley's history. Makes great summer reading!


Authors - "Up the Gatineau!" volume 41, from left to right: Louise Schwartz (editor and author), Hubert McClelland, Reta Milks, Paul Gessell, Mary Holmes, Bob McClelland, Margaret Phillips, Joanne MacDonald, Sue McClelland. Not shown - Wes Darou, David Sharpe, James Brown. Photo taken at the GVHS annual dinner/book launch at Mont-Cascades, May 27, 2015.


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