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The following article first appeared in The Echo of Cantley Volume 27 no 1, July 2015. This article is made available for the enjoyment of others with the express permission of the Echo of Cantley.

St-Elizabeth School's Heritage Event

by Geneviève Viau, Parent committee member, Ste-Elisabeth's School

On May 22nd, the parent committee of Ste-Elizabeth's School and Principal Alain Guindon invited volunteers from Cantley 1889 to help with a heritage event to stimulate the children's interest in pioneer life and Cantley's history in a fun way.

After the excitement of playing outdoor heritage games such as tug-of-war, sack races and log balancing, children and parents warmed up in the school gym with refreshments and activities. Here, they were intrigued with the display of coins and photos of bygone days of Cantley. They learned how to make a family tree and view the extensive display of historical artifacts. Most tried the "guessing game" of identifying 23 tools which were common in pioneer homes a century ago.

Both children and adults experimented with writing with a straight pen, dipping the nib into the ink well. When they perfected their penmanship they were invited to write their name on a paper leaf that was attached to the beautiful painting by volunteer Lynda Rondeau. It will be displayed in the school as a reminder of this special heritage evening.

Many thanks to the school's parent volunteers, the principal, Cantley 1889 volunteers and all of the participants for making the discovery of our community's heritage meaningful and fun.

Writing with a straight pen and ink is not as easy as it looks.


Students had fun identifying the 23 items once used in pioneer homes and learning how to make a family tree.



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