June 15, 2011 - Cemetery Tour

This was a public, free, tour of three of Cantley's pioneer cemeteries: the Blackburn Cemetery, St Elizabeth and Cantley United Cemeteries. Gary Blackburn, Mary Holmes and Bob McClelland were our tour guides who gave us the fascinating history and anecdotes of many of the grave sites. The Blackburn Family cemetery is one of the oldest and largest private cemeteries in the region. More than 30 family members and neighbours were buried there from 1842 to 1920. St Elizabeth Cemetery was established in the late 1850's; the first Roman Catholic chapel was built adjacent to the cemetery in 1858. Cantley United Cemetery was also established in the late 1850's on land which also had a log Methodist Chapel. The tour provided a wonderful chance to wander through the tranquil setting and historical monuments to our past and to enjoy refreshments together afterwards - see poster.

The Cantley Cemeteries

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