November 8, 2015 - Haycock-Nakkertok Walk

A tour of The Three Pillars of Cantley's Development:
- Mining: The 1872 Haycock Iron Mine
- Agriculture: The 1829 Darby Farm
- Forestry: The trees of Cantley

There was a great turnout on this beautiful November afternoon for another popular walking tour with guides Mike Rosen and Wes Darou. They were joined by Susan Derby, her son and nephew, descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth Darby who were the first settlers of a farm once situated on the Nakkertok land. Members of the Charette family, current owners of the land once occupied by the Haycock Mine, also joined the tour.

Wes Darou led the walkers to sites of several iron ore mine pits, telling the fascinating story of Cantley's Haycock Mine and describing locations of various areas of the mine and farms that once stood on the site.

As the walkers followed the Nakkertok trail, Mike Rosen described and identified trees of the forest and explained how trees tell their own stories of the history of the area.

It was especially poignant when walkers reached the site of the Darby farm, marked by a Nakkertok sign showing the Edmond's sketch of what the farm once looked like. Susan Derby told about her ancestors and their struggles on this farmland of rocks.

Special thanks to our knowledgeable and entertaining guides and to all the walkers who participated.

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