October 11 and 13, 2012 - Iron Ore of Yore: Rediscovering the Haycock

"(Mr. Haycock) has constructed and has in working order a horse railway six miles and a quarter in length from his mines to the Gatineau River," Ottawa Free Press, October 5,1874.

About 60 people gathered on the evening of October 11 at the historic La Grange de la Gatineau in Cantley to learn about a unique part of Cantley - the Haycock Mine area. Wes Darou and Dr. Donald Hogarth told of the history of the area and its people, using slides of the lovely drawings from "A.M. Edmonds' 1873 Sketchbook" of the 140-year-old mine, tramway, its village and local scenes of the area. Unique in Cantley, which was renowned for its mica mines, the Haycock mined iron ore... but only for 3 years before it was closed in 1876. Dr. Hogarth described the minerals of the area with samples, charts and maps.

On the following Saturday morning, approximately 50 people gathered for a guided walk through the Haycock Mine area. Many collected interesting samples of iron ore and other minerals, testing their magnetism, as they listened to more stories about the Haycock Mine and "Village" and its people. Wes Darou and Dr. Hogarth guided the hikers to the mine pits, tunnel, and near remains of the tramway trail through the forest glowing with fall colours under glorious sun.

Cantley 1889 is delighted by the enthusiastic response to both Haycock Mine events.

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