Why become a member?

This is how you can give support to Cantley's rich historic and environmental heritage.

Cantley 1889 is an incorporated, non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to discover, catalogue, protect and promote Cantley's heritage.

Membership gives moral and financial support, enabling our volunteers to:

  • research and archive photos and information about Cantley's history
  • maintain and enhance our website and Virtual Museum
  • write monthly articles for the Cantley “Echo” (2010 to 2020 = 110 articles!)
  • organize events, speaking engagements, projects and activities for members and the general public
  • answer inquiries about Cantley heritage and family history
  • support publications about local history
  • advocate for protecting Cantley’s heritage sites

As a member you will be kept informed, invited to our events and activities and to vote at our annual meeting.

We always welcome local stories, photos and volunteer help.

To become a member:

To renew your membership:

  • Send a note to Cantley 1889 confirming length of renewal and any changes to your original membership form.

Membership payment:

Membership fees include immediate family: $15 / one year or $25 / two years.

Payment may be made by one of the following methods:

  • By cheque: Mail by post to the Cantley 1889 postal address (above).
  • By credit card or Paypal account: complete and select the following information. Click "Join Now". Your transaction will be processed by PayPal. A notification will be sent to you.
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